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 Hi Howard,

I am back with 2 requests:

1. PLEASE remove from the donate/sponsor page "Romania Data Systems"
the company i am working for never supported Open Surce. [at this point
they suck bigtime.]

2. I have a version of weathermap 0.92 that was patch by some friends of
mine. they never gave me the patch. :)
The patch is doing the following:
When you move the cursor above an link or an node the OVERLIBGRAPH shows
the graph, if the graph showed is big and goes autside the page [the
view of the page, and scrollbar apears] it refreshes the graph showed
and places it at other coordinates so it can be viewed.
[i am not so good with "diff"]

I think the patch is applyed over weathermap-cacti-plugin.php or weathermap-cacti-plugin-mgmt.php

I will attach them.
If you see this as an useful feature.. you can use it as you like.
Please extract it for me so i can upgrade to 0.941 on that specific
server. :)

Sorry for my english.

 Marius Catrangiu,
  RCS & RDS SA Pitesti Branch
  Phone: +40 348 400 401
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Attachment: weathermap-cacti-plugin-mgmt.php
Description: Binary data

Attachment: weathermap-cacti-plugin.php
Description: Binary data

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