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font-to-texture 0.01

Here's the README, which explains all. After that, you could download the source(4K tar.gz).

font-to-texture 0.01
by Howard Jones (
September 23rd 2001

A small tool I wrote to save me having to manually produce font textures for a
Dreamcast game I'm working on. It takes a Truetype TTF file and produces a
256x256 pixel PNG, ready to turn into a texture (see png-to-dreamcast on my
site for that stage). It also produces a table of the appropriate UV
coordinates to pull out particular characters!

Obviously, you needn't be writing for Dreamcast for this to be useful.
Anything that needs a bitmap font and can take in square bitmaps can use it.

To compile:
Check that you have libpng (most modern systems, including cygwin and Linux
do), and FreeType 2 (maybe, maybe not), then type 'make; make install'

If you need them:

font-to-texture ttffile.ttf pngfile.png

Also produces font-table.h in the current directory, which looks like:
   FONTTABLE font[] = 
        {'a', 2,21,19,33,  0.007812,0.082031,0.074219,0.128906},

where FONTTABLE is defined as:
   typedef struct
        char ch;
        int x,y,x2,y2;
        float fx,fy,fx2,fy2;

There is close to no error checking! It'll probably coredump if you miss either

It's not terribly smart, but does try and layout the glyphs somewhat
efficiently. The pointsize is fixed though, so it is possible to run out of
space within the 256x256 square. The pointsize is in a #define in the first 
few lines - edit, make and try again if it causes you trouble.

The font is always white. If you need multiple colours, you probably want to
have something cleverer in your code, not mine.

It has a crack at alpha channels, and does OK, but not great. Any suggestions

Yes, the code is chock-full of junk. It took a lot of fiddling to get the
glyphs where I wanted them to appear. There is a bunch of vestigal junk from
the experimentation stage of that.