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FreeBSD 4.1 Dreamcast toolchain

February 11th 2001

Having played around a bit with cygwin, gcc cross-compilers, and DCUploader 2, I though I'd try the unix-based tools for the same stuff. dc-tool in particular I couldn't get going on windows (see below for more on that).

It turned out to be fairly straightforward, but long-winded to get most of the stuff together to do this, but to save you an afternoon's work if you want to try it, I've put all the things I built in a whopping great tarball for you.

I started with the Hitmen docs for building cross-gcc's on cygwin, and the crossGCC FAQ and fiddled. The key thing for *BSDs is that the make you get when you type make isn't GNU Make, which quite a few of these things (the GNU toolchain and dc-tool) require. Also, a few of them assume that you'll be using linux and use linux-specific bits (mainly dc-tool).

Anyway, here is the tar.gz (22.2Mb!), and here is the README from it. It unpacks into a dreamcast directory which expects to be in /usr/local

(the reason that dc-tool wasn't working for me turned out to be that it isn't intended to work with serialslave, but with it's own boot-cd. How embarassing.)